Mission Statement

The purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan is to provide for sustainable growth which enhances the traditional character and lifestyle of our communities.


Barton Village; Our Vision





Some of us were born in Barton and many have chosen to move here, but we stay primarily because we share a view that Barton is a good place to live.

This local plan is a wonderful opportunity to positively engage as individuals, families, social groups and businesses to understand and reflect our various needs and preferences. As we get a better understanding of ourselves and the hopes and aspirations of others in the local community we must bring this together as a shared Vision for our future.

To successfully deliver our plan we need to know and agree on what we want to achieve. Some things may be within our community control but other goals may be dependent upon working constructively with other stakeholders such and PCC, LCC and local and national groups and businesses.

The Local Plan cannot be a fanciful wish list or set unachievable goals. It must be sensible realistic and deliverable.

We all have aspects of Barton we would like to retain unchanged, some things we would like to enhance, some things to change and no doubt some things we do not currently have that we would like to secure.

So think about what you are proud of and interested in. Think about what makes you frustrated or disappointed. This is your chance to get involved in making some or all of these things a little bit better.

You can help to shape the community and our environment in a positive and lasting way.

Delivery starts with you. If you hear a villager say “Somebody should do something about that” remind them that “You are that someone”.

Share your thoughts, share your ideas, share your passion and share your vision.