Barton Neighbourhood Plan Vision

Our vision is for Barton to be a safe and welcoming community that retains its identity as a village and is inclusive for all. We will do this by welcoming limited sustainable development that meets the needs identified by our residents, for quality and diverse affordable homes.

We will work with our partners to help improve the quality of life for our residents by;

Maintaining a friendly environment embodying the character of the village.

Creating a development plan which is sympatric to the character of the village including appropriate infrastructure provision, respecting the needs and wishes of all residents.

Enhancement of transport links with safe traffic management and connectivity though the village, including a series of Public Rights of Way (PROWs) routes for walking and cycling.

The promotion of Health and Wellbeing within the village by encouraging greater health care provision and outdoor exercise, including sports facilities and activities for all ages.

The creation of a Barton information hub, allowing residents the visibility to easily access information. Where to go for help and an awareness of what is available.

Enhancing our valued community assets, such as the Village Hall, Places of Worship, King George V playing fields along with other open green spaces.

Promotion of open green spaces and ecology within the village by encouraging and preserving a rich and diverse variety of wildlife, trees and flowers.

Support & promotion of local businesses and community groups to achieve their full potential